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 Forum Rules and Info

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Info   Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:24 am

This forum is no different from any other standard forum. the same basic forum etiquette applies, and which if you dont know, is basically dont Inconsiderate or rude.

Very negative and racial inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

When things pick up there will be a financial report per say, that will let you guys know where your money is going and how it may affect you.

Also, i will post info such as the taxes for your level group.

Once we have some income I will be posting specific info on the Weapon & Armor Exchange Program*****.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything at all, do not hesitate to either email me, or add me on msn to chat about it.

Also, if it is your birthday, the guild just may give you a gift Wink so in the regard, please fill out all of the proper information around your birthday and such, you do not need to provide your gender though if that bothers you.

***** if you are wondering what The Weapon & Armor Exchange program is, you can ask me in game, or email me, but until there is money and guild bank tabs to spare, this program will not start up yet, so i will not go into great detail unless someone is already curious about it.
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Forum Rules and Info
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