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 Goodbye Aureus DeSol and Argent Dawn

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Goodbye Aureus DeSol and Argent Dawn Empty
PostSubject: Goodbye Aureus DeSol and Argent Dawn   Goodbye Aureus DeSol and Argent Dawn I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 11:00 am

Though I do have an alt warlock, I will be moving along with Mcewan to the Exodar server.

I have enjoyed you all here and I am happy to have a couple of you join us at Exodar with your alts. I do not know what this particular character's name will be over on Exodar since my main rogue's name is Lunayn, but my guild is called the Elite Defenders and any of you are immediately welcome as members if you should choose to join us with an alt.

Our reasons for leaving? There are a few but a couple of the main reasons are the server population; we never have to wait to get in instances. Another reason is that there are people in both guild leadership and member positions over there who are active contributors to the group member's successes and character development.

I will miss playing with you on Argent Dawn!
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Goodbye Aureus DeSol and Argent Dawn
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