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 Salvage Groups and Important Salvage Information!!

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Salvage Groups and Important Salvage Information!! Empty
PostSubject: Salvage Groups and Important Salvage Information!!   Salvage Groups and Important Salvage Information!! I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2008 6:36 pm

First off, these Salvages are weekly, and are subject to change, but it will never become more frequent, if anything they will become bi-weekly or monthly.

For now though, the Salvages will be weekly to get us off to a good financial start.

The way the salvages work, is every week, some time within that week, you need to either, 1. deposit your salvage into the guild band (but let a Co-leader** or First** know) 2. Give it to directly to a Co-leader** or First**.

** If you do not know what these Member Titles are or who they are, refer to the Chain of command forum.

(for the levels below 30, you are able to pay between the marked prices such as 21-50 silver per week, depending on what you can spare at the time)

The following is the breakdown of how much each level group is required to pay:

Below Lvl 18:
You are not required to pay anything

Lvl 18-20:
20-50 Silver per week

Lvl 20-25:
50-80 Silver per week

Lvl 25-30:
1 Gold per week

Lvl 30-40:
2 Gold per week

Lvl 40-50:
3 Gold per week

Lvl 50-60:
4 Gold per week

Lvl 60-70:
5 Gold Per week

Lvl 70-80:
6 per week

You are also able to pay a larger portion of your salvage if you wish, like a month for example. just give it to a first, co leader, or myself and we will make a note of it.

Thank you for your future Salvage payments and i personally promise this money is going to serve you, and will be handled with consideration.

- Hydrah

If you are curious exactly where and what your payments are going to, i will soon be putting up a forum topic stating our financial info when i can get a chance to.
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Salvage Groups and Important Salvage Information!!
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