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 Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!

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PostSubject: Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!   Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:03 am

Hey from Hepael!

I'm glad that the guild is finally growing. It's nice to see more people in the guild. I'm an active college student, so at times I can have limited play time, but rest assured I will be around eventually.

Hepael is my character name. Expect to see her around more!

I wanted to take the chance to give my 2ยข about a few matters of guild.
1) I really would love a clarification on the guild vault. Personally, a guild is to help all of it's members, is it not? I know scammers and ripoff artists are something everyone has to worry about but with the trial time and the time guild members get to know others, I feel that the vault should have a system of withdraws and deposits. If you put stuff in, you can get stuff! An officer can keep track of this to make sure no one is getting more than giving.
2) Deposits to the vault. Can I please give these [Leggings of leggyness] to the guild instead of having to toss in coin? A lowbie would love them. I don't need them.
3) matters of invitation. What's the story for getting invites to people as well as the story of the guild, why it's there and the story it has? I would love to know and I think new recruits to the guild would to!

Anyways, those are three things there I would love some info on!
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PostSubject: Re: Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!   Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:44 pm

great to hear your input Hepeal :),

it will all become more apparent to you :) next time your on, i will take the time out to give you a full explination of everything, and there is a system of withdrawals is already in place, and characters can take out an amount of gold based on there rank in the guild. we have a guild banker, his name is Cobaltan, he is in charge of anything related to the guild vault, as well as the collection of the salvage. he has not been around long in the guild. so i doubt he will be able to answer every question, but thats why im here :)

and about the deposits to the guild, i find in the past, players that can deposit, simply put in stupid stuff and grey items. this become very frustrating trying to clean out the bank constantly. so only certain members are allowed to deposit.

and about the invitations, certain ranks are allowed to invite, and if below the rank of a co-leader, they must still check and introduce them to the leader first, we want to keep track of every invite, and i keep a physical real log on paper. i do this because i want only people in the guild to be poeple of good character, and that we have had good experiences with :) we all want this guild to grow fast, but not to fast, everything in good time Hepeal, we will soon see a large growth, but there is someone who is in charge of the recruiting as a specific job, this seat is still open :) and i personally think that you will soon fill position.

i hope this answers your questions :)

and feel free to shoot anything past us online or on the forum :)
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PostSubject: Guild vault fun   Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:24 am

As a guild co-leader, I can understand that pain. Still, if you establish the rules for depositing items (IE: no grays, green items level 35+, blues 15+) or take the time to tell all members in a guild meeting so everyone knows, the issue of grays in the vault should disappear.

I think with time I will figure out the system. I am just one for a streamlined system that I can remember... and with college sucking up my time that's often a very basic system indeed!

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PostSubject: Re: Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!   Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:48 am

Im with Hep,

We need structure. but more interesting I think is the Guild meeting he mentioned.

As a player in WOW you can pretty much do anything you want on your own. with the guild you join a group. or a Club within WOW. With most clubs you have regular meeting to discuss events issues or just chat about whats going on.

I know many people would have a problem with trying to make every meeting but if you had one once a week r once a month it would still give people the oppertunity to get together an discuss buisness as well as just getting together.

We have to remember that the game is a lot of fun but a guild is almost another job...can be a fun job. but there is buisness to do. especially for the organizers.

my 2 cents take it or leave it...

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PostSubject: Re: Inquiry.   Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:21 am

!) The Guild Bank is there to be meant as storeplace for items that will help people. I, myself, have been cleaning it out weekly because of junk being tossed in there, and it does get annoying, and the restrictions are due to leechers who do not deposit 1 copper, but they withdraw for repairs ect constantly.
2) the meetings are a good idea, but the only problem is, who will even attend? I have found it very hard to pan events with the timeframe the guild has.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!   Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:12 pm

The object is plan the event ... if people can make it they will ...if not then the event is still there for those that do... but again it can be just everyone stopping in game a min. and guild chat about guild buisness. the more people are informed the more they feel apart of something.

In game i can find people at random to help with quests. but the guild is a group of friends i can share stories and adventure with. I know not all people view this the same way but that is why you have ranks and have to progress in the guild. you earn trust and respect thought time and deads. that however does not mean that the trial members, members, ....or what ever rank dont want to be envolved and know whats going on.

As far as the bank...seems as thought a reorganization of it would help.
maybe when we getthat third slot open.... sort item per level not by type
a low level sword and abit of linen are not the same as green or blue item
let anyone get the small stuffout ..that can help them at thier level.

example I can as a member get something out of the general slot but not the weapons and armor..... Being a paladin I would more likely use a new sword for my level than a bit of mage cloth...

...last point....If we have meeting and no one shows up then we have a problem......
because that means no one is really interested in the guild .......just the gang.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!   

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Guild notes, thoughts and ideas!
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