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 New Program : Loans

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PostSubject: New Program : Loans   Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:57 pm

we will be starting a new loan program to guild members for those times of tight cash, when all you want is your next mount!

we know we've all been there before, so, we want to make the wait less painful for you

the way this works, is you can ask or send in game or an email to myself or Vanisius, and we will mail you out or trade right to you the gold.

you must repay this loan within 1 week, or a 10% extra per week is added to amount due back. this encourages payment punctuality, aswell as it gets money back so other players have a better chance to use the money if needed.

we dont expect you to take it out in loan form for anything below a 10g or sometimes a 20g purchase depending on several things we may consider.

were here to serve you, and we hope that these loans are useful to you guys, because we all know how much it sucks to be so close to getting your mount but so far away, or not enough gold to respec your character!

thanks everyone, and i hope this program turns out to be a success
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New Program : Loans
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