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 NEW RANK!!!!!

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PostSubject: NEW RANK!!!!!   Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:05 pm

A new idea has come to me by Emberdew

i am adding a new rank into the guild, that being the TRIAL MEMBER.

this rank has very little privileges, but is not required to pay the Salvage rate, this will be a 2 week maximum period.

The Trial member may ask to be a full time member though before the 2 weeks are up, and gain full new member privileges

i encourage all of our full guild members to help these members marked as trial, as much as they can, and let them see we have a friendly and helpful environment.

They will have not access to the guild bank, but they will have a very limited amount of repairs per day though.

you are welcome to give these members your own money and items, and if you wish to be refunded, ask me (Hydrah) and i may approve to pay you back or not, depending on the user and if they become a member or not.

thank you for your future contributions to these Trial Members and i encourage more ideas, even if you think they are silly,

thank you again Emberdew for your great idea

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