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 PROFESSIONS - Blacksmith

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PostSubject: PROFESSIONS - Blacksmith   PROFESSIONS - Blacksmith I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2009 11:32 am

Blacksmithing PROFESSIONS - Blacksmith 452523

Production profession. starts with the ability to make simple items.
progresses thru copper weapons and armor to iron, steel, mythril, and on

need further training for almost all items.... can be weaponsmith or armorsmith

required : Blacksmith hammer, Anvil

all of the types of ore.... cooper, iron, iron, silver, true silver, gold, ect.

other materials....
some gems, some compounds, all types of raw leather (light, med, heavy, thick......) the bigger the item the more elaborate the items....

things that can be made
sharpening stones for edged weapons, weight stones for hammers, skelenton keys for different level locks, silver rods, golden rods, weapons of all types, copper tubes, helms, mail armor, plate armor....

If you need an item ...say to enchant such as a golden rod.... check with one of the Guild Smiths we can probably make you one in short order....

I will try to list some items of interest in future posts.....this is just to get things started.
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PROFESSIONS - Blacksmith
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